Try a Face Mask

What is a face mask? The definition according to Wikipedia is “A mask is an article normally worn on the face, typically for protection, concealment, performance, or amusement.” An example of this might be the football helmet which has a face mask attached to it to protect the player’s face.

Along the same line, a hockey goalie wears a face mask to protect his face from the puck. Before November 1959, hockey goalies did not wear the face mask and suffered many severe lacerations, broken noses, and teeth knocked out from the puck striking them. It frequently took many stitches to close those wounds. Imagine a puck traveling at 90 or 100 mph and what that would feel like hitting your face. No, on second thought, I don’t want to think about that on my face.

Some people use masks for the wrong type of concealment, robbery. Burglars and thieves use masks to hide their identity when they are in the act of committing their crimes. It will usually help them for a while, but most of the time law enforcement apprehends them in the end.

Amusement is another common use of the mask. Mardi Gras parades will always have people dressed up in creative costumes and wearing a mask. Think about one of the scariest times of the year for a face mask, Halloween. You see both youth and adults wearing a mask of some ghoulish creature or that famous person whom they are pretending to be. This is all in fun and a great time each year.

Many actors have used a mask during their performances in the theater or on the movie screen. How about the guys that will never die, Michael Myers in the Halloween series and Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th series? They wear a mask that everyone recognizes when they see them.

Ritual masks have been used throughout the world for many pageants and festivals. The function of the mask may be religious or magical. Many African masks depict animals. They believe the masks can help them communicate with the spirits who live in woodlands or deserts.

Now, let us look at a face mask to wear while riding on a motorcycle, ATV, or snowmobile trip during those cold winter months. This face mask will offer the rider protection from cold, wind, and rain. Each mask is made of a stretchy neoprene material which is both warm and water resistant. The face masks features full coverage of the face and ears.

Patterns are reversible to solid black material. Velcro closure ensures great fit even with goggles, with a helmet, or without. There are full face and half face masks. One size fits most.

Some of the patterns are Black and White Skull, Glow in the Dark Jason, Rebel Flag, and a USA Flag Stars & Stripes face mask. There are some face masks just for the ladies. Those patterns include Roses, Mardi Gras, Pink Skull, and a Pink Camo.

Trip Cancellation Travel Insurance’s Bad Weather Coverage – Travel Trip

Summer and hurricane season are quickly approaching. And even after hurricane season is over, then there’s winter. If next winter is anything like the USA & Canada’s winter of 2008-2009, you’re going to hope your travel insurance covers you in case of bad weather.No matter what kind of bad weather you want your travel insurance to cover, you have to purchase your travel insurance plan before the inclement weather is forecast. Don’t buy travel / trip insurance if you’re going to Cancun and you just saw on the nightly news that a hurricane is approaching. You’ll just waste your money. It’s too late to buy travel insurance at that time because travel / trip insurance covers unexpected events.Bad weather can affect your trip in a couple of different ways:1: it can prevent you from leaving on your trip altogether2: it can happen en route causing your flight either to be delayed or diverted to a different city3: it can affect your destination – the place you’re going might be rendered uninhabitable by a prior storm4: it can happen to you while you’re on your trip forcing a mandatory evacuation by the authorities5: or, there are various other ways that bad weather can affect your tripHere’s how many travel insurance plans work when it comes to bad weather:1: If the common carrier airline you’re flying on has a cessation of services for at least 24 hours due to bad weather, that’s a covered reason to cancel your trip.2: if bad weather along the way or from your departure city causes you to be delayed for at least 5 hours (or 6 – 12 hours for other plans), then you’ll have a travel delay.3: you might be safe and fine at home, but maybe a bad storm renders your lodging uninhabitable, this can be covered travel insurance.4: you are already on your trip and, if due to an approaching storm the authorities call for a mandatory evacuation of where you are, this can also be covered by travel insurance.Some of the above scenarios will be a trip cancellation, a missed connection / travel delay or even a trip interruption. The circumstances will determine what kind of a claim you’ll have.

Top and Best Apps for Traveling This Summer – Travel Trip

At this very moment, we can guess that about half of the world population is dreaming of traveling to some place exotic and half others are already there. It’s summer people and for me summer is all about traveling and enjoying things but without proper planning this travel can turn into a disaster. Irrespective of where might be going and what you have planned, iPhone perfect companion for the travel “Just about Everything” full of handy apps and features your iPhone can be you’re trip savior too.You will discover that with current mobile technology as iPhone, you can travel like a pro without any hassle.The essential requirements like booking flights and hotels to scheduling tours and looking where to eat, and even educating key phrases on your travels to new and exciting countries will become with these listed apps, by the end of this article you will be prepared for you trip.1. Trip Boss ($4.99) Precisely developed for tracking expenses made during the trip. Ideal comrade for the business traveler and others’ when going on holiday. The budget feature is perfect for a family vacation, or for business projects. International,with real-time currency and a bonus currency calculator. You can even use the tip calculator when you’re not traveling. Trip Boss travel manager is modular, so you can add additional travel apps via in-app purchase.2. TripIt – Travel Organizer (Free) TripIt is an easier way to organize travel. No more frantic searches for flight numbers in your inbox: access all your travel plans in one place on your iPhone, iPad, in your calendar, or online – no matter where you book. To get started, simply forward your travel confirmations to plans[at]tripit[dot]com and TripIt automatically creates a “smartinerary,” combining your travel plans with maps, driving directions and more, which can easily be shared with others.3. Live Flight Tracker (Free) (Best for US, Canada and UK people) Basically this app allows you tracking maps and flight status of UK, US and Canada. This app allows you to track airline flights and general aviation’s. Start searching by Flight number, city pair or airport code, aircraft registration, route, airline. Complete flight details and full screen maps along with NEXRAD radar overlay is included in tracking data. Registration is required with Flight to use app effectively and with ease, if not don’t worry registration is free of cost you can visit their site at any time and register there.4. Trip Tracker – Live Flight Status Tracker (Free) Real-time status of the flights can be retrieved from Trip Tracker, real-time schedule with push alerts, live weather reports and route maps of required city or country, hotel and car rental information to ease your travel in any place.All these information are pushed in to your iPhone automatically without having hassle of entering it manually.5. Wi-Fi Finder (Free) Quickly and easily find FREE or paid Wi-Fi when you travel with the Wi-Fi Finder for iPhone and iPod Touch. Download all of the locations offline, so you know how to stay connected when you are on the road. This app will help you to find the closest Wi-Fi spot and also guide you to there, by just enabling or using GPS function of your iPhone.6. City Essential ($0.99) An Exclusive feature of City Essentials is, it allows you to quickly look for closest supermarket, Gas stations, hospitals hotels and many more with sorting your current location or position. You can create your own categories’ or genre like Exotic, Party, Friends Place or your favorite restaurants’ etc. Now you just have to tap on app and information will just flow freely to help you access these points of interests in a flash.7. OpenTable (Free) Restaurant Reservations – Free, Instant, Confirmed. You can make free restaurant reservations With OpenTable at more than 15,000 OpenTable-enabled restaurants in the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom. Also, OpenTable associates earn prized Dining Rewards Points tradable for Dining Cheques at any other OpenTable restaurant.HOW IT WORKS: Specify your dining date, desired time and party size to view available tables at nearby restaurants – listed by proximity or plotted on an interactive map.Hope you are ready for your trip, have fun and make your trip adventures and delightful with these apps.

Business Travel App Helpful in Extended Trips – Travel Trip

Business travel trips can last anywhere from a few hours to many months. For ease in your travel trip do hotel bookings in advance for an extended stay, rent a car and use Internet phone calls and services. Think of the extended business trip it may be boring to go for meetings and work all the time. Try to make feel yourself at home during a long business travel trip and think in advance for making adjustments in your meetings time to take advantage of the cool location. After taking long business meetings opportunities will arise for going out to visit the surround area where you are staying. But, the problem people face here is that they don’t know the place. This problem is solved after the innovation of the business travel app embedded in your iPhone.Make the business trip a pleasure trip by using pre planning online calender that you can easily get in business travel app of your iPhone. Just make a schedule of your trip by taking out all important information related to the business trip. First book the flight tickets and for reservations in hotels and hire a rent car. Then find out the place nearest to your hotel for taking business meetings. Although some good hotels will also able to provide a convention hall for the meetings and business parties. Book that convention hall in advance for your meetings. Then calculate your time that you can utilize for visiting the place. Just have a look at the business travel app map which will help you to find the nearest places of your destination. All these information put in your iPhone travel app and it will synchronize all the information automatically.iPhone business travel app allows its users to know the surrounding area by doing just one click on the app. After tapping the name of the place on your app in only few seconds it will display you the map of the entire location you are staying with it’s distance and the important places where to go and visit all you will get in just one click. Make the use of short span of time for doing traveling around the place you are staying for a long time. By using Business travel app you will not feel lonely, the app works for you as a guide that helps you to travel a place which you do not know. This will be a great fun for the Business travelers that have to travel alone on the long trips without knowing the place where they are going.iPhone travel apps another advantage is that suppose you are going to a destination where you don’t know there native language and they also don’t understand your language, in this situation what can you do? All you need is just a translator, just install an translation app on your iPhone as it hardly takes few seconds and then use it for doing translation. Write the sentences in English and click on the translation by selecting the language you want to translate your sentences. Then you can show screen of iPhone to the person whom you want to talk. This is how you can communicate to someone who do not understand your language. This will help you in your business travel trip by providing you comfort level as you need on the trip.

Annual Travel Insurance: Leave All Your Worries At Home – Travel Trip

Travelling and seeing the world with your own eyes is definitely a blissful experience. However, it is always advocated that one should do his homework well before travelling to any foreign land. Since, the most cautiously planned trip can also become complicated due to the unexpected events. For instance, medical emergencies, cancelled flights, lost luggage or natural catastrophes. Recently, the whole world has heard about the natural catastrophe of Tsunami, which ruined the vacations of thousands of people and destroyed the cities. In such circumstances, it is clear that you need a backup plan, which will help you in such drastic circumstances.Travel insurance is there to facilitate you with the legitimate coverage on your travelling, either internationally, or within your own country. If you are a frequent traveler then you probably would like to know about the annual travel insurance. As it is the best method to make your trip or journey more secure and hassle-free. The multi trip insurance is specifically designed to facilitate and save money on the travel trips. As a rule, annual travel insurance provides legitimate coverage on medical expenses, trip cancellation, accidental death or injury, delayed departure, personal liability, rental car damages, and loss or theft of personal possessions.Moreover, by buying an annual insurance policy, you are saving money. Particularly, the annual travel insurance is beneficial for those people whose travel trip is unpredictable. This type of travel coverage will help you to obtain the advantage of the trip insurance even at the last-minute deals. The annual travel insurance is available for all types of trips either business or pleasure. Once the traveler got the insurance, they are insured for the whole year. They can take multi trips in that year with the assurance of being covered against numerous risks that might arise when enjoying their stay in a foreign country. Annual travel insurance can also be customized according to the need of the traveler, so it would lower the premiums being paid for the insurance policy.The annual travel coverage has numerous benefits over single trip insurance policies. It saves time and money even at the last-minute of the travel plan. Some companies that provide such insurance deals also offer many other advantages of family insurance cover. They offer the benefits for the whole family by just one policy. This type of policies is helpful during the family holidays, or if any of your family member travels. The annual travel insurance will assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during the trip to make it pleasurable. By arranging annual travel insurance, you can make your business or holiday trip hassle-free and memorable.

Five Best World Holiday Trip Planners – Travel Trip

Arranging your trip might be one of the toughest and also time-consuming parts of taking a trip. It is thrilling to no end every time you are drooling over the stuff you hope to see and accomplish. It’s a dreamer’s night-mare for the reason that you’ll just forget about just about everything to simply continue on in your mind about how fantastic it is going to be. Here is a list of some beneficial world getaway planning consultant sites as well as apps which will make everything convenient and more enjoyable. What makes them the top? Simple, I like them a lot better.Firstly, you will discover a couple different world trip organizer apps as well as websites that will work. These are definitely the ones which you can use without needing to have lots of private info out there and perhaps get swamped by sales messages afterwards. To have more info, you will normally have to sign up for any of these.Airtreks Trip Planner – The quickest and most convenient way to start getting a feeling for a world trip, you may just press whatever cities you want to visit and you will get a variety of costs. You could always submit periods of time and info to have a good offer, but for an easy idea, this can be the best spot to check out.Gopro Travelling Trip Planner – A very easy to use planning tool. You can easily add to your places and period of stay in any location. And, you could watch a video of the mapped out travels worldwide. That’s very niceTripomatic – If you are looking to have an itinerary having all your stops on it, hence this may be for you. I guess it can be more effective for a shorter trip without too much period, like not more than a couple of weeks. You can add everything you have to do on each day and you receive a map and details for all the things which is very good.Tripit – A really good travel organizer. This app/site is excellent for arranging your vacations and keeping up with all of your loyalty programs and rewards which is really a huge troubles for those trying to do some travel hacking. You just simply link your accounts and share your e-mail confirmation along with your plans are instantly included in your trip.Bootsnall Trip Planner – All about Indie travel, which means that doing your own thing, you would have a simple world trip planner and you can consider other travels that others have done to give yourself some tips of next move and where to go. This planner picks its places with airport terminals so I’m unsure the way to add a place that doesn’t have an airport would go.Honestly, I’d recommend clicking through and considering all the world trip organizer choices above. You can never tell which could make the most sense to you until you’ve looked at all of them. These are all great selections together with the ones that I prefer to use while I’m finding ways to learn what my grand schemes is going to be. If you like more Travel Tips, then just look around.

Is Travel Insurance Necessary When Travelling Abroad? – Travel Trip

Travel insurance provides an easy way to insure against trip cancellations, trip interruptions, emergency evacuation, accidental death and loss or damage to baggage or personal effects. Millions of dollars are wasted each year by travelers who purchase unnecessary travel insurance or travel assistance policies. Taking care in purchasing any travel insurance or travel assistance policies is a prerequisite although these products may be valuable to some travelers only in limited circumstances.Buy only the insurance you need. Frequently, several types of insurance are bundled together and sold as comprehensive travel insurance. Make sure you purchase what you need only after reviewing this chapter and doing comparison shopping among several travel insurance policiesDecide on the type of travel insurance after analyzing the type of coverage you already possess. Specific consideration of following facts is required. While you are traveling, provision of liability and personal property protection can be provided by home owner’s or rental’s insurance policy.Do check the specific limitations and exclusions of the policy even if there is a probability of your health insurance providing you with some coverage. Your automobile insurance policy can also provide cover for a car on rent which is being used by you. In some cases your credit card can offer some protection when you rent a car or if you want to cancel or change your flight.You can opt for excess or secondary coverage through many travel insurance policies. If any other coverage can be applied to the loss first, such as homeowner’s insurance in case of theft of your personal property, then it means that the travel insurance will provide coverage only for amounts which are not paid by the primary insurance like deductibles. Few of the travel insurance policies offer primary coverage, which is most useful when your own coverage is insufficient or has a very high deductible. Premium for excess coverage is generally low as compared to premium for primary coverage.A major problem with travel insurance is that most policies contain a number of exclusions and travelers often don’t learn about the exclusions until they try to use the coverage. At the time of reviewing a travel insurance policy you should check the exclusions and definitions carefully to determine how much protection your policy is really offering. Since there are losses which are not covered by any other insurance which you may already have, therefore trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance are probably considered the most important types of travel insurance.In terms of protection, trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance are different although you cannot deny the fact that they are closely related. Now you can be insured and be sure of getting your money back in case you plan to cancel your trip, by opting for the trip cancellation insurance before you travel. Trip interruption insurance helps you by providing cover during your trip and reimbursing certain expenses if you cut short or change your trip. Since the exact terms of the policy may vary but the answer to validity of trip cancellation insurance for reimbursing you for nonrefundable and prepaid trip expenses lies in following three things. Your travel companion or you may have to give immediate attention to a situation or if you are in a spot which forces you to abandon your trip though arrangements have been booked. Trip cancellation insurance is applicable before your departure.After you purchase your trip cancellation insurance, you should make sure that you are covered by the insurance policy when you move from your home to your departure point. In the same manner, trip cancellation policies expire when there is possibility of occurrence of last time crisis. If you purchase cancellation insurance, make sure you are covered during the entire period of time before your departure.

Gathering Travel Information for Your Trip – Travel Trip

If you’re a budget traveler who must carry or drag your luggage through airports, subway systems and city streets, then you’ll want to travel as lightly as you can. One area where you can really cut down on both the size and the weight of what you carry on a trip, plus make yourself less of a target for street criminals, is when it comes to packing travel information.Before your trip, by all means, read all of the guidebooks about your intended destination that you can get your hands on. Use them to help you plan your itinerary and to choose your personal must-see sites for each city or region that you plan to travel to. Read them, but don’t take them with you on your trip. They can be extremely heavy and bulky and amount to dead weight. In addition, sitting in a big city park or on a subway train reading a travel guidebook to that city marks you as a pigeon ripe for the plucking. You may as well wear a big hat that says, “Tourist.”I use two alternative means of carrying critical trip information with me. First of all, as I read travel guidebooks, I take old fashioned handwritten notes: from particularly interesting bits of historical information, to the opening hours of shops and banks, to key foreign language phrases. I take notes on each city or town, including specific monuments or buildings that I know I’ll want to see due to my personal taste in art and architecture, not just going by what the guidebooks say that everyone should see. This way a few pages of lightweight handwritten notes allow me to distill key bits of information without adding to the weight of my luggage.I know that as I arrive in each town I can pick up a brochure that will include a town map and the opening hours for each site of interest. This single brochure can stay right in my pocket where it can easily be consulted as needed while I’m sightseeing, yet stay discretely out of sight the rest of the time. If I’m in Prague, for instance, one slim combination map and brochure in my pocket is more easily consulted than a big guidebook, plus it sure beats traipsing around Prague carrying a heavy travel guidebook that covers all of Europe.Today, with the advent of Internet, trip planning has become easier than ever. Although there are many bogus travel sites on the net that are nothing but come-ons for overpriced hotels, there are also many good ones. I particularly like going directly to the official websites of each monument, city, region or country that I want to learn about. It can be a time-consuming process, but there’s a treasure trove of travel information, plus maps and photos, to be found. Via books and the net I can learn about the major tourist attractions of each place, as well as find details about the quirkier sites or the downright odd ones that might be of interest to me.I can gather up train schedules for each leg of my journey, historical information, up-to-date prices, and opening days and hours for each historical site and museum, and plenty more. Patience during the planning stages of a big trip can save infinite time and inconvenience during the trip. Anyway, learning about places you’ve always dreamt of seeing is part of the fun.Online I can seek out low cost hotels and chart them on city maps to determine which ones seem the most conveniently located in relation to historic town centers, and I can then book rooms via email. If I were to print out every single Internet page that is of interest to me, though, I’d soon end up with a mass of papers as heavy as those inadvisable-to-lug-around traditional bulky travel guidebooks. Much of each printout page would amount to wasted blank space or irrelevant banner ads and link lists, as well, so this is what I do: I create a blank text document and each bit of information that I’ll want to have with me during a trip gets copied and pasted onto this one document. On it I can list a variety of train schedules, hotel contact information and sightseeing information. I can freely combine bits of information gleaned from many different sources so that, for example, all of the bits of information about a particular castle are together in one subsection of my text document.When I’m done gathering all my information I can eliminate any duplication of information and reduce the size of the text font on the document before printing it out. That way I wind up with just a few sheets of paper that are tightly packed with relevant information. I can even print on both sides of each sheet of paper to further reduce the total number of pages. I can organize the text document anyway I like, with hotel confirmation emails all on one sheet, or all train schedules on a single sheet, or travel phrases all together or, if I’ve accumulated lots of details about historical sites to be visited, I can create separate printouts for each city or country.That way, as I visit each locale, I only need to carry that one page of information around with me during my stay there – one piece of paper that can be folded up and carried in my pocket for easy consulation or to supplement a travel brochure that I picked up locally. From Internet I can also print out a map for each town on my route, so that I’ll be able to find my way from a train station to a prebooked lodging even if I can’t immediately get my hands on a more detailed local map when I first arrive in a new town.It is possible to have with you all the travel information and transportation schedules that you’ll need during your trip, yet not let it add to the burden that you must carry around as you travel from place to place. A handful of condensed printouts in lieu of a big fat guidebook is one more means of traveling well prepared even though you’re traveling light. You can have your cake and eat it, too, so Bon Appetit!

Annual Insurance Can Be Confusing, Travelers Say – Travel Trip

Purchasing the correct type of travel insurance can be quite a puzzling task even at the best of times, especially for people who are traveling abroad for the first time. It is very easy for misunderstandings to occur. A case in point is the confusion that surrounds annual multi trip travel insurance.There is a growing number of Insurers offering multi trip insurance but they don’t necessarily make the strict policy conditions clear to the buyer. For example, you would normally have to be based in Australia and make trips of up to a specific number of days (often 31 days) to take advantage of these policies.However, there are many travelers, especially in the younger age bracket, looking for cheap backpackers’ insurance. They see a cheap travel insurance quote for an annual insurance policy and buy it without reading the small print carefully, thinking it will be exactly what they need. If these travelers are going to be overseas for a year, they are often attracted by the word “annual travel insurance” as well as “multi-trip” as they will be making a number of different trips throughout the year. But, the annual multi-trip policy is not suitable as they are designed and priced to only cover trips of up to 31 days (depending on the Insurer) from and within Australia.An annual multi trip travel insurance policy can save the traveler quite a bit of money in the long run. Trip cancellation, baggage loss, personal liability plus other miscellaneous coverage can all be taken care of by this type of insurance. This sounds like a good thing, and indeed it is if your trip does not take you out of Australia for more than a limited period. However, most backpackers who intend to leave the country on their trip merely see that this policy offers no limit on the number of trips they can take per year, and blithely purchase it. It is only when they need to make use of the policy and are in perhaps Greece that they discover that their insurance will not take care of their medical needs. This is not a good feeling!Backpackers need to search out a policy that has been specifically created with their kind of travel in mind. They need the reassurance of a 24/7 telephone helpline for any overseas medical needs that may develop, coverage for a wide range of sports or adventure activities that they may participate in during their trip, and the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that they will have coverage on their non-manual job if they are taking a working holiday. Cover for terrorism will also help the traveler to sleep well at night!Anyone who has yet to purchase an annual multi trip travel insurance policy would be wise to read the policy carefully before buying, and then take advantage of the company’s money back guarantee which most will offer you during the first 7 to 14 days of cover.The last thing you want when you are taken ill and laying in hospital is a dispute about whether or not you bought the right policy. If you’re in any doubt about exactly what your annual multi trip insurance will cover, contact your travel insurance broker for clarification.

Traveling on a Budget? – Travel Trip

Traveling on a budget means finding a cheap hotel to stay. Location plays a great part in price variation even though it is just within the city. It is for the reason that most of the cheap hotels are very competitive when it comes in offering very affordable prices to the customers.Most would say traveling requires you to shell out much cash, but little do they know having some knowledge about cheap hotels can save them as much as 50% on the usual rate. That is why it always pays to do a little research beforehand.Here are some secrets about that you might want to keep if you want to save money:1. Never lust over something you can not afford, like a luxurious hotel. Three star hotels cost so much more than a two star ones or cheap hotels but actually the only difference they make is just the extra amenities, which I guess are not even of that importance. Getting a service of a porter or a doorman is may only give you a chance spending more so you might want to avoid this as well. Just always remember to stick to the budget you have allotted for the accommodation.2. Always choose those smaller hotels run by a family for they are the type that attract customers by offering amazing discounts. So if you seriously want to save tons of money, then better put this one on your holiday memo.3. Want to know when almost surely you can get an off on the rate of up to 50%? Go on vacation in off-seasons. Cheap hotels are usually very much available in these times, Sydney hotels are examples. Unless you want to spend more, go on vacation during a peak season.4. Consider chain hotels part of your plan. Those are the ones that often offer a range of rooms to cater for every want and need. No need to confuse yourself of what they offer since chain hotels normally have smaller rooms that you can choose which, of course, are cheaper then there are the larger and more luxurious rooms which, obviously say you need to pay more.5. Take advantage of the technology. When was the last time you checked the internet? If you have not, then maybe this is the perfect time you do. Do a little search on the hotel rates of the cheap hotel of your choice and see if they can give you a discount. Sometimes online offers are far better than phone or face-to-face negotiations.6. And do not ever for get this one. Always ask individual hotels for any discounts or any existing special offer they have, or maybe a free night for those who will stay for a week or so like some of Sydney hotels offer. You will never know until you ask.